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The Bhakti of Nisargadatta Maharaj

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"Sometimes I feel I am everything, I call that Love. Sometimes I feel I am nothing, I call that Wisdom. Between Love and Wisdom my life continuously flows."
- Nisargadatta Maharaj

Seeking Love only - And Getting Joyfully Lost!

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So many times you hear about the "seeker " actually "seeking " "something ". "Truth " is sought. "Enlightenment " is sought.

Resources for those of us on the path

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Haven't been here in a while but this site is still part of my heart. I just would like to share some info that may or may not be useful for some of us.

Going non-dualism

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I don't know, who i am, 
Neither an imam in the mosque, nor the follower of rubbish vogue,
Neither indulge in sacredness concept, nor am musa or a pharaoh resultant.

Two and One Alone

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Where there are two, they are not without God, and when there is one alone, I say, I am with him.

— Jesus