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"I AM" - Concept - Beware!

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Ramakant Maharaj’s spontaneous response to questions on "I Am", yesterday.

Q. What exactly is ‘I am’ in simple words, and what is it not?

I Am

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M: You cannot possibly say that you are what you think yourself to be!

New Guru Ramakant Maharaj, Direct Disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj Teaching

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Ramakant Maharaj is a direct disciple (20 yrs) of Nisargadatta Maharaj. More info at www.gurusfeet.com/guru/ramakant-maharaj

On Nisargadatta's "Bhakti"

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I do not want to take you by the traditional, conventional, tortuous ways.


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Maharaj: The urge to find oneself is a sign that you are getting ready. The impulse always comes from within.

Selfless Self: New Book of Hard-Hitting Talks by Ramakant Maharaj

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“Who am I?” Why am I here?” Selfless Self not only answers these ultimate questions, but offers a pragmatic approach to Oneness in simple, down-to-earth language.

A Meditation on Madness

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NM: Each man suffers alone and dies alone. Numbers are irrelevant. There is as much death when a million die as when one perishes.

Meditation - Anti-virus

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Ramakant Maharaj: Meditation has some scientific effect on the spiritual body. Why?

The Witness

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M: The difficulty lies in our differing points of view. You speak from the body-mind’s. Mine is of the witness. The difference is basic.


Knowledge is Free

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Recently, Ramakant Maharaj spoke on the controversial issue of “paying for Knowledge”: "In our lineage, Bhausaheb Maharaj strictly instructed all disciples not to expect/demand money from any de