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"Voice of the Silence," "Shabd", or "Naam" according to Mohammedanism

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Among the Muslim Sufis, it is known as Sultan-ul-Azkar, (the king of prayers). Another order of Sufis calls it Saut-i-Sarmadi, (the Divine Song).

What is "Naam or Word"

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........................"Naam or Word"
NAAM is easier said than known and practiced. It is
only an adept in the mysteries of Naam who knows

"Naam" ("Word") as described in many traditions

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"Naam" ("Word") has been described in many traditions through the use of several different terms, The following expressions are interpreted as being identical to "Naam":

"Naad", "Akash Bani", and "Sruti" in the Vedas

"Nada" and "Udgit" in the Upanishads

"Logos" and "Word" in the New Testament

"Tao" by Lao Zi

"Music of the Spheres" by Pythagoras

"Sraosha" by Zoraster

"Kalma" and "Kalam-i-Qadim" in the Qur'an

"Naam", "Akhand Kirtan" and "Sacha ('True') Shabd" by Guru Granth Sahib .

— Traditions.