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Sant Dariya Sahib

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Bihar State, India
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Monism, Solipsism

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The word Monism is a living nightmare
to the experts of Nonduality, Advaita,

The Danger of Hearing Mayavada Philosophy

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Sunyavada is the philosophy that everything is ulimately just void. Everything comes from the void and returns to the void.

the science to Enlightenment

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there is a science that goes way beyond science. It is called “Supreme Science.”

The Hindus over 5000 years ago discovered the Supreme Science
that revealed to them everything

Vishnu Gita

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Vishnu Gita

by far the most extreme Evil imaginable

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By far the greatest EVIL imaginable:
far far worse than all of mankind's diseases put together
-- an evil far worse than all of mankind's calamities put together

Advaita Vedanta

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"Absolute Monism is the core belief of the Hindu philosophy of Advaita Vedanta."

is everything that can be said and read
about the ONE (monism)
that thoughts make NONE, NOW.

Little-egos, L'egos.

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There is the unique “ego” of the little child in the fable
“The Emperor's New Clothes” that yells: “the Emperor has no clothes.”

Advaita's Black-holes

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Monism is a language, fiction, thoughts.
Monism reveals that when thoughts appear real they define a black-hole
that makes thoughts appear real.
Each black-hole is, in turn,


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Self-realization, En-lightenment...is all about realizing that Self places NO Value nor Meaning onto/towards ANYYYY-Thingggg.............Most of All, Spirituality and it's En-lightenment/Self-realizat