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The subject of identification with our body is the only subject worthwhile to focus on

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I have recently seen a lot of discussions relating to the identification with the body and that is great because this is the most effective and important spiritual gateway to advance on the path, much

Definition of spirituality - meta, para, super

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Spirituality is physics, but also metaphysics.

Spirituality is psychology, but also parapsychology.

Spirituality is all that is natural, but also that which is supernatural.

Beware when you are aware

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When you are getting more aware, more present; when you start being conscious of inner emotions and thoughts you haven't known before, sometimes you happen to feel more stressed then before rather tha

Why does the Self get identified with the body and mind?

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When there is a strong pain or pleasure, the Self is getting identified with the mind and body.

The widespread belief is that it is doing so out of desire or fear.

Reality vs. Imagination

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What is real, and what is imaginary? This is a common topic in Nondual spirituality.

Influence Of Pure Mind Over Impure Minds

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A strong mind has influence over weak minds. A hypnotist with a strong mind hypnotizes a whole bunch or circle of boys of weak minds.

Who are you, really? find out in 5 simple steps...

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Someone very amazing and outstanding once asked me: "Who are you?". Obviously this question made me think and lead me to the question "Who am I".

Transcending the body and mind

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I'll start this by saying it's likely you've already transcended the body, despite the fact you may believe you are it at times, identify with it.

Thought, reality and the spiritual search

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I recently read a quotation posted in a guru's profile on this website that has just been incredibly helpful to me. Surprisingly enough, the "guru" in question is actually a Western scientist.

Food Dictates What you think

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Shri Shri Nimishananda