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Nature of the mind

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Just to start with -- I've been posting here a bit much lately...

Mystic sense of familiarity

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When you happen to dis-identify from the body for some time, when you deeply and genuinely immerse in the temporal deep realization that you are not the body, you sense a strong feeling of familiarity

Discriminative Minds?

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Mind is a myth and it contains lots of myths.It has an extremely strong mythical power of discrimination.It discriminates this world and its all components.

Love ~.~.~

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Love is a energy which flows indiscriminately...has no logical MIND.LOVE has MAGNETIC POWER...it pulls on towards itself.

The True Mirror

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In the blog on Schizophrenia there is a description of it being a psychiatric illness.

Peace ~

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What is PEACE?
To me peace means all your desire subside.....with pausing your intellect and mind.....merging once identity with surrounding.

Wickednesses of the Mind (for meditations)

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Mind forbids one to indulge in repetition by way of tiredness, laziness, sleep, idleness, wickednesses etc.

Mind and Consciousness

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Mind and Consciousness

destiny and mind

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Why the mind is a slave to the destiny?

What should I do when Negative thoughts creep into my mind?

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Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji replies :-