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Face is index of mind

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Mind is the subtle form of this physical body. The physical body is the outward manifestation of the mind. So when the mind is rough, the body is rough too.

Nisargadatta - Dealing with the mind

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Questioner: How do I go about it in practice?

Nisargadatta Maharaj: Whenever a thought or emotion of desire or fear comes to your mind, just turn away from it.

Getting rid of conditioning

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Many on this website seem interested in combatting Western conditioning, but at times I've noticed a tendency to want to replace this with Eastern conditioning.

Why the world is illusory...

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Gurus like to talk about how the world is illusory, but maybe it seems real to us anyway. Can we demonstrate to ourselves, here and now, that it really IS illusory? Sure!

Is awareness in the brain?

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Somebody recently suggested on a blogging that science has proved awareness is in the brain. Actually this isn't the case, and I thought I would address this subject on my own blogging.

Joy of Heaven......

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Luminous father Illuminate me with your Ever Luminous Joy!
Spread that everpresent Fragrance to all your children....

I am not the body,
I am not the mind,

The power of the mind

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Dear ones,

this post comes from reading some people's blogs and comments and post and it comes from my observation of what the mind is.

All Is Well

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I found some objects in my pocket, unsure of their utility.
A cushion under a tree for a cloud over the sea.

He knew that I should have the rope, the pot and the bag

Spirituality and Words

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So much talk is happening on this website, and other so-called spiritual websites and forums.

The use of memory

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Most of mankind's problems can be traced to one specific thing -- the compulsive use of memory.