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One day I woke up dis-identified with the body

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One morning, a few months ago, I woke up dis-identified with the body.

There was the body and there was me. Simple as that.

No witnessing when no (calm) mind?

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There is a certain kind of people whom when I am in company, my mind gets crazy. It starts switching rapidly in a chaotic stream of endless short noisy nervous jumpy pieces of thoughts.

Switch rapidly between belief and skepticism

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Switch rapidly between belief and skepticism and see what the results are.

If you think you are in the now, you are probably not

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There are only a very few people I ever met who were ever truly been in the now. Most of the people only think they are.

It was all the time 1-2 blocks away

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You are probably familiar with the this situation:

You are looking for a rare small store that specializes in the repair of some all-forgotten article.

Test drive different possibilities of the truth

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Don't look for THE truth,look for the POSSIBILITIES of the truth.

When you focus on looking for the truth, your mind has more control over you to play its games and you overlook the many things you are used to take for granted.

Don't be afraid from intial accumulated energies in the now

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When abiding in the now after a long time, at first, accumulated unpleasant energetic and emotional residues may erupt from the subconscious.

Why people adopt a radical view of reality?

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Adopting a radical view about reality, adapting a belief which completely disagrees with any direct experience, adapting a system which negates everything, adapting in a religious way a doctrine in wh

In a reality in which nothing is certain, no wonder we resort to imitation

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In a reality in which nothing is certain...

in which everything is mediated by the senses and mind's logic...

in which truth can only be a subjective speculation...

Control as a disturbing side effect to awareness

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The more I am being aware of, the more mind is being in control of.