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The now is boring, says the mind

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It's petrifying how little from the world truly exists: only the now.

Such a narrow flickering glimpse.

The past is memory. The future is simulation. And they are both occurring in the now, the recalling of the memory, the playing of the simulation. Aren't they?

Stopping the thinking, with no conflict

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For a long time, I was firmly against trying to stop the thinking process. I thought it always triggers mental conflict and thus only harmful at the end of the day.

One day a week without a computer or TV. Can you?

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One day per each and every week without computer, without TV. Can you?

Ups and downs on the spiritual path - reasons for the downs

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We all are familiar with the difficult fact that our spiritual journey is full of ups and downs, great achievements and then terrible setbacks, extreme quietness and tranquility and then distress and

Words, sensations, emotions and beyond

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You can't represent sensations in words... Try to convey sweetness to someone who suffers from ageusia or light to someone who is blind from birth...

A trick to break identification with the thinker

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First bring into awareness the sense of "I", bring it by looking for the thinker, the presupposed intimate subject that does the thinking, the "you" that thinks.

A powerful exercise: opposite of the opposite

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The mind is tricky. It's time to pay it back with the same kind of tricks it is playing on us. You will find this approach as very efficient in neutralizing the mind. It is simple, yet explosive!

4 errors we tend to commit when we try to move from the mind to the heart

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(1) We try to move our attention to the heart as an object while the observing center remains in the mind.

Regard the mind as a mischievous child rather than as a mean intruder

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Regard the mind as mischievous rather than as mean.

The same way you regard your child.

His lies, his tricks, his way to survive.

Why are you afraid of thoughts?

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Someone asked me in a private message why I am afraid of thoughts. The question probably came after he read my blog post in http://www.gurusfeet.com/blog/trick-break-identification-thinker.