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Those Lives Have A Meaning!

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Those lives have a meaning
Whose minds have done cleaning,
Whose heads at the Guru’s feet leaning,
Whose faces by the Guru’s grace gleaming,
Those lives have a meaning.

Movement & Mind

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All energy is movement and therefore from the atoms to the celestial bodies everything is in motion. Change too is movement of different kind.


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An untroubled mind,
No longer seeking to consider
What is right and what is wrong,
A mind beyond judgments,
Watches and understands

— Budhha

potent mind

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The mind is absolutely impotent as far as subjectively is concerned, as far as our Being is concerned.

— Master Sarvari
-Master CVV Namaskaram-

Impure mind

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Speak or act with an impure mind,
And trouble will follow you.

— Buddha

Vedanta & Raja Yoga

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Content of Consciousness and its States are both important subject of study. There is a relation between the two and yet they could be looked at and worked with emphasis to one or the other.


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Sorrow is the cause of all problems. Yet we may not have the correct understanding about the nature of sorrow. Mind cannot understand sorrow as it is a product of it.

Silence occurs when The Word has filled and pervaded you…till then silence remains …a word!

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The mind drops off by itself once all its exploration is done...till then ‘dropping the mind’ remains a mind-concept! Silence occurs when The Word has filled and pervaded you…till then silence remains …a word!

— Divyaa Kummar

Observing Self

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Like we read in chemistry elements exist mostly as compounds and mixtures. In life too everything can either be of help or hinder us in our journey.

Mind is Root of Illusion

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Any verbal formulation is not true save when it indicates something observable. The observed will have to be in relation to sensory inputs for only they are taken as proof.