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"Intelligence" is the power of "Mind",

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"Intelligence" is the power of "Mind",
"Will" is the power of "Soul",
"Ego" is the power of "Body",

How to Be Free from The Mind & Ego

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"To be free of the mind,
it is most important
to first awaken yourself
to what you truly are in this moment
and then take refuge in that.

If you keep your attention

Words and language

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Words/concepts are dualistic, and do not bring us together. Although serving as a reason for physical togetherness, words either are neutral or they separate us. True communion is found only in Silence.

— Omkaradatta

How to recognize the mind's tricks

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That part in you
that tricks you into eating
when you smoke Marijuana
is the same part
that tricks you
in other times and matters.
We call it mind.


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You cannot think your way to peace. You need only to silence your mind.

— Pamela J. Wells

Learned & Un-Learn

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Drop all learned and just resume innate.

First you learned with effort. Now drop all learned with effortless. Just effortlessly resume innate harmony when we come into being.

You are peace and living enlightenment!

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan

One With Life And All That....

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I wonder….
In all innocence...

How did consciousness, appear to get so embroiled..
With illusory concepts about itself…

Stop imagining

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What happens to the body and the mind may not be within your power to change, but you can always put an end to your imagining yourself to be body and mind. Whatever happens, remind yourself that only your body and mind are affected, not yourself.

— Nisargadatta Maharaj,
posted to ANetofJewels

Pussy Mind, Pussy Mind

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Pussy mind, pussy mind, where have you been?
I've been to all places but God is nowhere seen.
Pussy mind, pussy mind, what happened there?
I was frightened by the world, everywhere.


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Total self-absorption leads to total freedom from self. Be with yourself, accept yourself, re-absorb the self into the Self. You are not 'something else' you can see, like the body or the mind. You are your Self only.

— Omkaradatta