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Guru Nanak Quote

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O mind, what are you searching?
Inside and outside it is one only.
It is the concept that makes you
feel inside and outside.

Once the earthen pot bearing the
name Nanak is broken,
by getting rid of the concept
that I am the body,
where is inside and outside?
It is "I" only prevailing everywhere.

— Guru Nanak

Know your mind

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Know your own mind inside and out. Then you know everybody's, because we are not different, not separate, not apart. Seek yourself first, then you can truly relate to others.

— Omkaradatta

Going beyond the mind

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What thinks to go beyond the mind? The mind. You are already beyond, the ever-present witness of the mind and its ideas about achieving transcendence.

— Omkaradatta

"Mind" always think that "He" is ..........

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"Mind" always think that "He" is the:
King of Spirituality,
King of Knowledge,
King of Yogi,
King of Everybody,
But in Reallity "Mind" is bunch of "Ego",

Helping others Vs Damaging them

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Helping others as and when you have ability that moment it is respond of your excess resources; where else creating vision, mission target to help others in future is great SIN which disaster for law

Meditation Between Mind & Formless Consciousness

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"What is here in this moment?
If you close your eyes,
what is your experience?

Not what the mind tells you,
not what the thoughts tell you,
but what is really here?

If you truthfully look


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According to Hindu scriptures Mind is made out of subtle portion of food that we eat.

The strange condition of a realized one

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A realized one
A container in a strange condition
That caved in to pressure
That gave up the person it contained
But that, strange enough,
Continues to function

"Mind" & "Brain"

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Gernally there is a big confussion among peoples,
But! "Mind" & "Brain" are different from each other,
Yes! one should have a good & positive "Brain"


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The mind can easily be brought under control through equanimity, not by force or insistence.

— Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu