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Worry & Fear: Let It Go

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By Pamela J. Wells

Mindfulness or mindlessness? - I'm confused!

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Almost all spiritual paths advise us to abandon the mind, to be mindless, not to fix our center and sense of "I" in the mind nor be identified with it, to reduce our tendency to analyze things intelle

Beware: being with skeptics raises your skepticism

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Being in proximity with skeptics, raises your level of skepticism.

Being in proximity with believers, raises your level of belief and connectedness.


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Sitting in DARSHAN,the mind quiets of its own accord,a STILLNESS descends,MEDITATION happens.

One afternoon, taking a nap.......a dream......

Blind-men see ...

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Four blind men went out to 'see' an elephant. One touched the leg of the elephant and said, "The elephant is like a pillar." The second touched the trunk and said, "The elephant is like a thick club." The third touched the belly and said, "The elephant is like a big wall". The fourth touched the ears and said, "The elephant is like a big winnowing basket." Thus they began to dispute hotly among themselves as to the shape of the elephant. A passer-by, seeing them thus quarreling, said, "What is it you are disputing about?" They told him everything and asked him to arbitrate. The man said, "None of you has seen the elephant. The elephant is not like a pillar, its legs are like pillars. It is not like a winnowing basket, its ears are like winnowing baskets. It is not like a club, its trunk is like a club. The elephant is the combination of all these-legs, ears, belly, trunk and so on." In the same manner, those who quarrel about the nature of God have each seen only one aspect of the Deity.

— Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

Is there something beyond?

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Is there something beyond?

We all ask this question, at least unconsciously.

We all try to avoid this question, fearing to loose our grasp in spirituality.

How to Attain Bliss in Meditation

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"You do not need
to get yourself into
a certain state
or attain something.

You can simply
just be aware of yourself.

You can turn your attention
back upon yourself

Don't find fault ...

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If you want peace, don't find fault with others, but find your own faults. Learn to make the world your own. Nobody is a stranger, my dear, the world is yours.

— The Holy Mother, Sri Sarada Devi

Past Archived Karma & Future Potential Karma

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Archived Karma written using PEN where else Future Karma has written using PENCIL. Every individual human can edit their own Karma which written using pencil. Karma can be easily edited (view / add / edit / erase) towards highest advantages of individual by Calm Mind and Compassionate Heart!

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan

Do you wish to get enlightened?

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