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Nectar Speeches of the MahaAnand

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“As much a person is conscious about the mind, as much a person knows the mind, and as much a person has control over the mind, he/she is that much a Human being. The day, when you become the master of mind, then understand, that day, you become the Human being. In that sense, we are baby Human beings. Still now, we are not complete Human beings. First, we have to be Human beings, our apparent target is to become the Human beings.”

— MahaAnand

More precisely, time is simply memory

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Krishnamurti said time is mind.

This is too abstract and therefore not transformsative in the case of most people.

It should be analyzed more closely and more specifically.

Purity of the Mind and Soul

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Impure is Brahma, impure is Inder;
Impure is the Sun and impure the Moon.
The world is defiled with impurity;
Pure is God alone who hath neither end nor limit.
Impure are the gods of the worlds;
Impure are nights, days and months.
Impure are pearls, impure are diamonds.
Impure are air, fire and water.
Impure are Shiv, Shankar and Mahesh.
Impure are Sidhs, Sadhiks and those who wear religious garbs;
Impure are Jogis and Jangams with their matted hair;
Impure is the body with soul.
Sayeth Kabir, only those who know God
Are pure

— BY: Kabir Sahib

The mind isn't yours

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In spirituality, we're looking to see what we are, what is ours and what belongs to us. Part of this 'looking' is to consider -- what am I, really?

"To Thine own self be true"

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When I was growing up on this ranch there was a large impressive monument and it was inscribed with this saying' "To Thine Own Self Be True" and I could never understand what it really meant and I wou

Why is mind considered a formidable barrier to spiritual progress ?

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Mind in its present state is burdened with huge karmic load of past lives. It is enthralled by the outgoing faculties of senses and is thus driven helplessly into the mire of sense-gratification.

Quality vs. Quantity

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The mind becomes ever more complex, invents more and more complex questions and then seeks out answers. Go all the way, thoroughly, completely and deeply into the one thing you can know and perceive *directly* -- yourself -- and all else becomes clear.

— Omkaradatta


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People often see just two options -- attachment and rejection. The third option, detachment, is often missed by the mind, which tends to think dualistically. Letting go is the answer.

— Omkaradatta


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MIND is medium for all experience.
N.othingness of

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru

Mindfulness or mindlessness? - I'm confused!

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Almost all spiritual paths advise us to abandon the mind, to be mindless, not to fix our center and sense of "I" in the mind nor be identified with it, to reduce our tendency to analyze things intelle