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Elementary steps to get siddhis or psychic powers

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Psychic Powers – How You Can Get the Siddhis Safely
Richard Crown

Siddhis are psychic powers, for example:

Do you want abundance in your life?
Do you want your Third Eye open and working?

The Science Of getting Rich Program Can Change Your Life

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What Happens When 3 Extraordinary Teachers from "the Secret" Come Together to Teach the Science of Getting Rich? by Lindsay Ball

Power of Mind

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When we say 'mind' we think of: consciousness, awareness, cognitive thinking, reasoning, perception; but also of: intuition, subconscious gibberish, or unconscious st

Power of thoughts

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Drive away from your mind all unnecessary, useless and obnoxious thoughts. Useless thoughts impede your spiritual growth; obnoxious thoughts are stumbling blocks to spiritual advancement.

the still mind

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I cannot still my mind, because I AM the Mind.
My only fear
and only hope
is that I write something
that blows my mind
-- O'no

— O'no

Our Mind is first enemy and first friends to feel presence of God.

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Our mind is become our first and biggest enemy or wall to see the God and become best and first friend to feel the presence of God.

The Subconscious Mind

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The mental processes are not limited to the field of consciousness alone. The field of subconscious mentation is of a much greater extent than that of conscious mentation.