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Hazrat Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Azeemi Sahab, Khwaja Sahab, Babajee, Abbajee, Abba-Huzoor
Sufism, Islam
Main Countries of Activity: 
Pakistan, UK, Canada, Russia, UAE, Bahrain
Date of Birth: 
17 October 1927
Place of Birth: 
Saharanpur, UP, India
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 

I know a metaphysical secret

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I know a metaphysical secret that hardly anybody knows.

The skeptics do not know it because they believe nothing is metaphysical.

Definition of spirituality - meta, para, super

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Spirituality is physics, but also metaphysics.

Spirituality is psychology, but also parapsychology.

Spirituality is all that is natural, but also that which is supernatural.

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At the heart of my metaphysic there is the ultimate question and at the heart of the universe there is the ultimate questioner.

— Kedar Joshi

Metaphysical Realities

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The subject of Divine Genetics might be a little too deep even for the Exalted Souls who inhabit this site, and so let's try to bring things down to a more basic level and examine some of the primary

God the Mysterious...

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We all live our lives based upon our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Through these experiences we all tend to develop a “philosophy” about the world in which we live.


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"When you look deeply into yourself you may be able to see that there is, in this moment, a quality of aliveness that is animating you that is not philosophical and is not abstract. It's independent of what you think about it, what you believe about it and what you feel about it. It's always there! it is animating your breath, It is coursing the spirit, it is what makes it possible for you to think and speak and see and hear. Thisi is the invisible touch.

— Alexis karpouzos


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"Our souls are tied across universes, there is unbroken continuity, you see the love is more powerful than death, so let the winds of the heavens to dance with you and give your smile at the other's welcome.

— Alexis karpouzos


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Is there a real hope in the eternal silence
of these infinite spaces of the universe?
Is there a reason the things to exist?
For us there is no birth cry,
there is no death fear,
for a dream's sake the abyss wake up,
wakes up to dream the light.
For a dream's sake!

— Alexis karpouzos


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“The world does not consist of subjects and objects, the “subject” and the “object” are metaphysical abstractions of the single and indivisible Wholeness. Man’s finite knowledge separates the Whole into parts and studies fragmentarily the beings. The Wholeness is manifested in multiple forms and each form encapsulates the Wholeness”

— Alexis karpouzos