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Enlightenment-No compromise

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Looking for friends on the path of enlightenment.
Recently,experienced samadhi.Been an Osho sanyassin since the past 20 yrs(40 now) and been meditating ever since.Love

Wickednesses of the Mind (for meditations)

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Mind forbids one to indulge in repetition by way of tiredness, laziness, sleep, idleness, wickednesses etc.

Enlightenment: Freedom from Understanding

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"If you expect something
in meditation
then you are expecting too much.

When you are ready to fall into
this moment
regardless of the outcome.

Because you have exhausted

Yoga Analysis - 2

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Who am I?
What am I?
What I will be?
What is the world about?
What is birth?
What is the meaning of death?

Enlightenment: Freedom From Position

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"The moment you have a position,
there is conflict.

The moment you know something
you have to defend it.

We believe we know so much
but the truth is if we really look
we know nothing.

Peace ~

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What is PEACE?
To me peace means all your desire subside.....with pausing your intellect and mind.....merging once identity with surrounding.

Nisargadatta on meditation

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Questioner: All teachers advise to meditate. What is the purpose of meditation?

20 Contemplations from Metta

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#1: Fire of Uncertainty
Step bravely into the fire of your own uncertainty. That which is Real and True will remain unharmed.

The Art of Meditation - 2

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As we dip deep in meditation, we relax profoundly. We feel utmost freedom in all walks of life. Our thoughts become independent. Mental equilibrium happens.

Coming Undone in Meditation

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One of the reasons
we sit to meditate
is to strip away
all of the things
that distract us
from this moment.

All of the things
that make us
feel secure
and in control.

That makes us