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Nature of the mind

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Just to start with -- I've been posting here a bit much lately...

The True Mirror

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In the blog on Schizophrenia there is a description of it being a psychiatric illness.


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Examine your character. Pick up the defects you find in it, and find their opposites. Let us say that you suffer from irritability. The

Love ~.~.~

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Love is a energy which flows indiscriminately...has no logical MIND.LOVE has MAGNETIC POWER...it pulls on towards itself.

Yoga of Buddha - 1

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Master Sarvari Namaskaram – Master CVV Namaskaram -

Darmam Saranam Gachhami
Buddam Saranam Gachhami
Sangam Saranam Gachhami.

Guided Meditation

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"Let yourself relax
into this moment.

Give up trying to make
this moment
any different than it is.

Simply close your eyes
and feel with sensation
what is here.

Allow yourself

The Last Poem of Hoshin

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The Zen master Hoshin lived in China many years. Then he returned to the northeastern part of Japan, where he taught his disciples.

The Key to Witnessing in Meditation

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"In order to witness thoughts,
you have to allow the thinking,
you have to become
completely passive.

It is like leaving all of
the doors wide open
so the wind can flow through.

In Surrender There is Peace

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"In order to enter
witness consciousness,
you have to come to a point
of complete surrender to what is.

That means you stop
trying to change anything;

Our problem is Knowledge

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I think the fundamental problem with us is that we give tremendous importance to thought or mental consciousness. In such a case the thought and the word becomes all important.