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The Last Poem of Hoshin

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The Zen master Hoshin lived in China many years. Then he returned to the northeastern part of Japan, where he taught his disciples.

Accessing The Eternal Now

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"In the mind,
you are always
going somewhere.

You are always
looking around the next corner
for contentment.

In awareness
you are always here.

In awareness


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|| Om Om Om ||


Realize Your Freedom

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"The root of all of your problems
is your attachment to thoughts.

If you are unattached
to the thoughts arising,
then bliss is your very nature.

If you can realize this one point,

Love ~.~.~

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Love is a energy which flows indiscriminately...has no logical MIND.LOVE has MAGNETIC POWER...it pulls on towards itself.

Nisargadatta on meditation

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Questioner: All teachers advise to meditate. What is the purpose of meditation?

Enlightenment-No compromise

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Looking for friends on the path of enlightenment.
Recently,experienced samadhi.Been an Osho sanyassin since the past 20 yrs(40 now) and been meditating ever since.Love

Enlightenment: Freedom From Position

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"The moment you have a position,
there is conflict.

The moment you know something
you have to defend it.

We believe we know so much
but the truth is if we really look
we know nothing.

The True Mirror

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In the blog on Schizophrenia there is a description of it being a psychiatric illness.

20 Contemplations from Metta

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#1: Fire of Uncertainty
Step bravely into the fire of your own uncertainty. That which is Real and True will remain unharmed.