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Rajayoga Power Transcedental (RPT)

*No Dietary Restrictions
*No need to give up one’s social life
*Can do Meditation any time (Except between 11am-2pm)


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Probably the most potent 'spiritual medicine' in existence is that of vivek-vairagya -- the fastest way to Self-Realization.

Open Heart Surgery

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The mankind is in crisis and it needs an immediate Open Heart Surgery.

The Essence of Awareness

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"No matter which
spiritual techniques
you practice,
it all really comes down
to attention.

Whether you are
watching your breath
or repeating the name
of a Guru or God,

Destressing Practices- 1

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Beloved Friends,
I am sharing a small conversation with you all today...
Love and Blessings,



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It may be easy to make others understand your point of view, but it is difficult to to understand your own self.

Seeking hurts

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Folks have posted on the forums here wondering when it's time to stop seeking, and (I suspect) have wondered whether or not I quit doing so myself a bit too early.

Spirituality and Words

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So much talk is happening on this website, and other so-called spiritual websites and forums.

My Guru

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Someone may like to check out my Nath guru's e-book, at

Mystic Poetry of Rumi

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Confused and distraught

Again I am raging, I am in such a state by your soul that every
bond you bind, I break, by your soul.