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Breathing-based reality check technique

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Time is a concept. It does not exist out of the boundaries of the concept world.

The ultimate goal is to withdraw into the ultimate subject

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Perhaps the primary tool on the enlightenment path is to accept and observe whatever is, any thought, any feeling, any sensation.

Have you ever acknowledged the superb quality of the sound of reality?

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A few days ago, we went to a professional stereo shop to buy a good stereo receiver and speakers.

No witnessing when no (calm) mind?

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There is a certain kind of people whom when I am in company, my mind gets crazy. It starts switching rapidly in a chaotic stream of endless short noisy nervous jumpy pieces of thoughts.

If you think you are in the now, you are probably not

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There are only a very few people I ever met who were ever truly been in the now. Most of the people only think they are.

Am I realy taking antibiotics?

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I caught a flu and I'm taking antibiotics. Wait a minute, actually, I am not taking antibiotics, I am giving antibiotics, I'm giving my body antibiotics.

"Tactical" VS. "Strategical" Awareness

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Riktam Kantu said:

If you want to ease your pain, watch your emotions. If you want to eliminate your pain, watch your thoughts.

Pointless point of view

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To be or not to be, that is the question.
To be and not to be, that is the answer.
In the same time.
It's possible
by finding
the pointless point of view.


Let's do some self-enquiry

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Let's do a bit of self-enquiry together: