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Yoga Analysis - 3

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The followers of Sankara favor Advaitha. They believe in delusion – In Maya. The whole world is delusion to them. They do not believe in the reality or existence of physical world.

The Art of Meditation - 2

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As we dip deep in meditation, we relax profoundly. We feel utmost freedom in all walks of life. Our thoughts become independent. Mental equilibrium happens.

How to change Fundamentally

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One of the important question confronting all sincere seekers is how can we bring about a fundamental and permanent change in our consciousness.


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coming to your meditation activity , don't think sitting at one place and controlling your mind is meditation. Meditation has stages in it....

1st stage:

Self & self

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I have followed the path of enquiry as the main focus for over 20 years now and though I consider Maharshi Ramana as the most concise exponent of it, it is worthwhile to look at it from different ways

Real & Fact

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I think it is important to distinguish between Real and Fact. I said in the earlier post "Wake up to the real" that sleep is our main and perhaps the only enemy.

Being Present = Being

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This topic is a different perspective on the post


What you do and call meditation is not meditation

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What you do is not meditation. What you call meditation is usually not meditations.

Meaning Of Meditation (Dhyanam)

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Meaning Of Meditation (Dhyanam)

MASTER C.V.V (1868 – 1922)

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-Master Sarvari Namaskaram-Master CVV Namaskaram-

“You care for me. I’ll take care of you”.
“You pray with me. I’ll make you equal to me”.