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Observing the Thinker

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Observing emotions and sensations is relatively easy -

They are lying there in time so you have the option to decide when to observe them. After all, as far as they are concerned, they are here to stay, where do they have to run to?

How to destroy the ego?

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It is a common question I hear, but you can not battle the ego. It is the ego (me) that would be fitting the ego.

Universal point of awareness

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When you observe a mental object (a certain emotion, a certain thought, a sensation, etc.), after some time, the observed object dissolves into a dimensionless point.

Vipassana of S.N Goenka and others

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Anyone did the Vipassana meditation a la Goenka? I heard the man and he sounds profound... Is it hard?

What's the difference between Goenka's Vipassana and the other versions?

Mind is like a spring

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The mind is like an elastic spring. You push it, you press it, you resist it, you apply force against it, and it only gets more power and more energy from your very action.

Self Inquiry techniques

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There are here a few extremely valuable posts of tips & tricks for doing Ramana Maharshi's self enquiry.

I would specially recommend two:

The object determines the subject

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(The beauty of the following is that it's not a theory, you can try it by yourself)

The observed object determines the observing subject.

Meditation or Premeditation?

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Do you have any idea of how your meditation is going to be before actually entering into meditation?

Do you have a plan for your meditation? a scheme? a layout?

Textual Addiction of the mind

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Try just for one day to abstain from text. No reading, no writing, no internet, no profound contemplations, no looking for explanations and reasons, no text.


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The greatest adventure in this world is "MEDITATION"