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Meditation Technique For Enlightenment

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"If you close your eyes
and stop thinking
even for a second
you will discover all
that is here
is impersonal attention.

So a good meditation technique
is to keep your focus

Try This Meditation Technique for Spiritual Awakening

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"Try this meditation technique:
Keep your ttention fixed
on that which precedes thinking.

your attention
is lost in thinking
and ignoring what is here
behind the thinking.

Meditation Technique

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"Your involvement with thinking
takes you out of this moment.

So if you surrender
every thought that arises
back into this moment
then you will begin to
feel this moment directly.

Simple Meditation Technique for Spiritual Awakening

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"Allow thinking to happen.
Allow it to naturally happen without
any involvement in it whatsoever.

Then, in that allowing,
let your attention
sink below the mental noise
into the quiet depths

Allowing Meditation to Happen

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"It is important to realize
that meditation techniques like
watching your thoughts
or resting your attention
on consciousness
are techniques and not meditation itself.

Meditation Technique to Realize the Self

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"There is a natural space
of pure silence and stillness
in this moment.

In meditation,
relax your attention
so that it begins to settle
into this moment
and sink below
the outer movements

Meditation Technique to Realize Oneness

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"In meditation, first,
with great honesty and nakedness,
notice how you are in this moment.

It can be harder than it seems
because the mind is often busy trying
to become something

Self Inquiry and Is-ness

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"In meditation,
you can actively
hold your attention
on what is beyond thought.

And as thoughts arise
you reject them
even before you even know their content.

Turn Your Attention to Consciousness

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"Turn your attention to consciousness.

Whatever arises,
allow it to arise
but keep your attention
resting in consciousness.

We pay far too much attention
to the noise of the mind

Meditation Technique: Take Refuge in The Feeling of Peace

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"The mind is very manipulative.
Other's people's mind's are very manipulative.
Both are constantly trying to suck you
into a reality that is only made of thoughts.