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Guided Meditation

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"Let yourself relax
into this moment.

Give up trying to make
this moment
any different than it is.

Simply close your eyes
and feel with sensation
what is here.

Allow yourself

The Key to Witnessing in Meditation

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"In order to witness thoughts,
you have to allow the thinking,
you have to become
completely passive.

It is like leaving all of
the doors wide open
so the wind can flow through.

The Process of Meditation

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"At first,
meditation is a doing.

You practice a meditation technique,
until meditation is awakened in you.

But once meditation
is awakened in you,
meditation happens.

You may notice it

How to Witness the Mind in Meditation

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"The first step
in witnessing the mind
is to feel.

Close your eyes
and bring your focus
on feeling the sensations
in this moment
without defining them.

Whatever sensations

Technique to Attain Self Realization

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"You learn to remain
un-attached to thoughts
by first watching
how attention attaches
to a thought
in the first place.

You can become aware
of that action of attachment.

4 Ways to Transcend Mind in Meditation

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"The unruly mind
is the main obstacle
in meditation.

Scattering your attention
and imprisoning you
in a rollercoaster of emotions
and mental uppheaval.

It is what keeps you from

How to Transcend Ego in Meditation

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"If you practice being present in meditation,
you will find even beyond the thinking
that there is this reflexive urge
to separate yourself from this moment.

It is almost like two magnets

How to Transcend Resistance in Meditation

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"If you are lucky enough
in meditation,
you will come to the point
where you cannot take it anymore.

You will come right up
against your resistance
to this moment
and will feel that

Realizing the Truth in Meditation

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"Before I say anything more,
I want to say I have nothing
against beliefs.

There is no need to
change any of it.

But some get
quite aggressive
about their beliefs.

How to Awaken the Heart in Meditation

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"There is a big jump into awareness
and that is the jump
from the mind
to the heart.

From intellectual knowing
and controlling your world
to letting go into this moment