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A valid proof that life cannot have any meaning

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The very fact that people die around us in a completely arbitrary way...

The very fact that some people are born and immediately die...

Translation of Adhi Sankara's stotra rathnas

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For the past ten years I have been doing translation of various stotrams,. I have so far translated 600 stotra rathnas. I am now trying to look back as to that I have done.


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But being a religious person, I would like to question the validity of everything for myself. That is the essence of religion, which is humility. Not to accept anything unless you understand the meaning there of, personally in your life. If you accept without understanding, you will be imposing upon the mind. And then you are neither true to the mind, nor true to the meaning. The essence of religion, which is humility, lies in uncovering the meaning of life, uncovering the meaning of every moment, learning the meaning for ourselves.

— Vimala Thakar