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Drunvalo Melchizedek

Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Bernard Perona
Spiritual Teacher
Sacred Geometry, Sacred space of the heart, Mayan traditions
Main Countries of Activity: 
USA, Russia
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Using the maya concept as an excuse

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Not to want to go to see where your beloved late guru, that you've never met, lived

and pay him a tribute

is like...

Not to want to have sex with that one that you love romantically

Why people adopt a radical view of reality?

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Adopting a radical view about reality, adapting a belief which completely disagrees with any direct experience, adapting a system which negates everything, adapting in a religious way a doctrine in wh

Real Awakening.

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Real Awakening is all about dreaming really:

I'm always dreaming I'm awake
until I really wake-up
that tells me
that I'm really dreaming
about really waking-up.

true enlightenment

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enlightenment happens
when deception vanishes.

For a deception to APPEAR real it must have two parts
a Subject and Object. (reality's duality)

the duality behind Wisdom

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Wisdom ceases to be Wisdom
when the masses of stupidity
behind it
can no longer hide.

So too:
The Visible Universe appears real
as long as the Hidden Universe
stays hidden.

Answers by Swami Vivekananda

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Q. Does Yoga serve to keep the body in its full health and vitality?

Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna

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* ONLY two kinds of people can attain self-knowledge : those who are not encumbered at all with learning, that is to say, whose minds are not over - crowded with thoughts borrowed from others; and tho

The Real Science behind the Hindu Maya, Lila.

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The Real Science behind the Hindu Maya, Lila.
matter and its universe
The more scientists seek the limits of the Universe

How can I resolve the feeling of duality?

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since I am in the construction business, my whole day is spent in transactions.