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Should Gurus get paid?

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You said, "Also, I would distrust gurus who charge money, period. There's nothing wrong with money, but nobody exchanges truth for cash... the truth is common, open to all.


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"Inner maturity of a human is not in knowing what is right or wrong, but in knowing what one loses when one does the wrong thing."

— Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Awaken The Buddha

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"I think what we want to encourage here is speaking to one another's soul nature, spirit nature. We are not here to correct each person's issues, that is personal work, we need to respect that for other people, we are not here to "fix" each other. But we can be helping in seeing one another as fellow spiritual beings, NOT to kill the ego, but to help awaken the Buddha within, true Self... The ego then falls away, matures, re-organizes naturally to fit with the Buddha self. It is not something to kill, it has great potential to grow and serve."

— Christopher Chase