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Same same but different

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Anyone who ever traveled in India is familiar with the phrase "same same but different".

Say you see a nice T-shirt in the window of a shop, you enter the shop and ask the owner for the shirt. He hands you over a shirt which somehow doesn't look exactly like the one in the window. You ask: "Is it the same as the shirt in the window?". "Same same" the man replies. Then you unfold the shirt and find out that it has a different cut and a different print. You say: "no, it is not the same, look!" and he replies: "same same but different".

A Deception called Form

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Does the hole in the ground filled again with sand still exist?

True Nature of "MATTER"....

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Science has proved that all matter is but
electromagnetic waves,or codensed light.
Matter does exist,but it is not what it appears to be
to the limited vision of human beings.


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Matter is nothing other than Spirit...Materialised.