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I am Heartly Thankful to Respected Dear Sir "ADMIN"

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I am Heartly Thankful to Dear Respected Sir "ADMIN" for keeping the site neat & clean, away from all misunderstandings among peoples, I have also read about the soon coming page on the site with the p

If anybody is in serch of spritual guru, satguru, teacher,master, murshidekamil , saints etc

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numberless people are trying to become guru these days, it is latest in fashion these days,well it became a buissness to run their stores,specially in india they are leaving behind the smugllers, this

Nectar Speeches of the MahaAnand

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“As much a person is conscious about the mind, as much a person knows the mind, and as much a person has control over the mind, he/she is that much a Human being. The day, when you become the master of mind, then understand, that day, you become the Human being. In that sense, we are baby Human beings. Still now, we are not complete Human beings. First, we have to be Human beings, our apparent target is to become the Human beings.”

— MahaAnand

How True Spritual Masters Shows Their "Supernatural" Powers,

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yes how one true spritual master shows his supernatural power, just remember one thing that this whole universe is the game of god, when one true spritual master reaches at the highest peak of his med

In which country there are more FALSE SPIRITUAL Gurus or Masters?

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seeker's feet.com

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few days before i joined guru's feet .com, but now i have become the guru myself, because you know my karma points have reached obove 2012 ,and i have taught number of peoples obout sprituality,enligh

The Real Goal of Devotion and Going to the Saints

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The human form is the king of all species. Only some fortunate ones get it. It is the time to meet the Lord. In it, we should follow that path in it by which we may get the Lord.

The Dilema in Yoga - What is Truth May not be the Truth - 3

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The second section of the people are enthusiasts. They lack sufficient understanding and knowledge. But, they are decisive and strong-minded.

True Guru Does Not Need Any ADVERTISEMENT

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True Guru Does Not Need Any Advertisemant,
He Has His Own Way Of Teachings,
For Different Persons.

can any body tell me about "HAZOOR BABA SIRAJ DIN SARKAR"

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can any body tell me in breaf about "hazoor baba siraj din sarkar" history,address, places of activities ,or satsangs shedules.