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aspects of my kundalini awakening inc. a teaching from master chrism

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Before I ever heard the word Kundlaini I experienced Divine energy move within me, infuse and begin its Divine transformation.

Beware of Master Chrism / Chris Mitchell

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The purpose of this blog is to bring awareness about the biggest sexual and spiritual predator, pretending to be the grandmaster of Kundalini -THE FAKE MASTER CHRISM.

kundalini awakening systems 1 chrisms teachings are so helpful

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Five bodies of Expression

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I state the five bodies of expression as: ( written by Master chrism)

Psychological (ego)

kundalini can ...

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Kundalini can open you to your worst fears and to your greatest joys.

Inside of the current societal standards it is the fear that is often responded to first.

Rodent Clowns

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Rodent Clowns

my kundalini awakening and finding my teacher chrism

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When I had my Kundalini awakening event it happened spontaneously and without warnning ~

I knew nothing about Kundalini ~
I did not do yoga ~
I did not meditate~

You are not going crazy <> written by master chrism

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you are not going crazy, written by master chrism

Master chrism writes about kundalini ~

Kundalini symptoms will often happen to you without warning.

Emergency Protocols for Kundalini Awakening by Master Chrism<> Part 1

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Emergency Protocols for Kundalini Awakening

emergency Protocols for Kundalini Awakening by Master Chrism<> Part 2

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6) Eat watermelon. Stay hydrated with pure non-distilled spring or artesian water.