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Master Chrism

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Kundalini Awakening
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United States, Australia, Europe
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Zamora, California
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Blinded_by_chrism kundalini

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I reached out to the fraud that calls himself Master Chrism, i was fooled by his fraudulant ways. He seemed like a sweet heart dedicated to helping those with kundalini and kundalini phenomenon.

sea gull bliss ~ and childhood dream

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This other morning on the beach, a sea gull followed me all the way up the shore - flying in circles directly over me and making a constant sound that I had not heard from a sea gull before -

Kundalini Awakening quote from Master Chrism

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Kundalini is a power that demands respect and the ability to intentionally condition the bodies of the emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual, and physical The conscious response and devotion wit

Emergency Protocols for kundalini awakening - by Master Chrism( 1- 6 of 10)

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1) If you know it is Kundalini do not see a medical doctor or psychiatrist unless you know that they understand.

The levels of abuse and debasement of a student at the hands Master Chrism

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Chris Mitchell is by far one of the most covert and spiritually disgusting so called teachers I have ever witnessed. He has every single attribute of a cult leader.

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Chrism is my Kundalini Teacher. He is my teacher in the physical but as Chrism says the first and ultimate teacher is the Kundlaini.

clearing of the temple ...

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What you fear most can be called to you.

This is part of the clearing of the temple.

The temple of and for the divine that you are.

Beware of Master Chrism / Chris Mitchell

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The purpose of this blog is to bring awareness about the biggest sexual and spiritual predator, pretending to be the grandmaster of Kundalini -THE FAKE MASTER CHRISM.

Emergency Protocols for kundalini awakening - by Master Chrism( 7- 10 of 10)

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7) Take the phenomena seriously and without fear.