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I am spirital master (Guru) teaching meditation for selfrealization,and to know the self,

Chanting of mantras during meditation

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I wish to know what is the effect of chanting mantras during meditation .

Moksha Gyan & Yoga Siddha International

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Our Sankalpa or Goals are as follows:
*Provide Further Medium for the International Organization of Siddha Traditions.

Everyone should read this, for sure

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Hi All,

Normally I would say that pushy marketing is a bit ugly, but I feel that I have something to share that makes it worth it -- but you can pass judgement after you read and listen.

When any body found themselves surrounded with many problems in life

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Om shree Ganeshay Namaha

My first blog post.

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So, what would i write in my first ever blog post... well i'm not actually sure what a blog is, so in this space, i shall write what comes to mind...

Going Beyond the "Me" in Meditation

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"A large part of meditation
and spiritual practice
is about turning your attention away
from being involved with the personal self
and back towards the essence of what you are.

Guruvara Mantra

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Shree Rudrabhayanandaye Namah Pujya Rudrabhayananda satyadharmaratacya chabbhajatam Kalpavrishaye namatam kamadhenavedurvadidhvantaravaye Hariharindaveshri Tirumalavasini bhagwan Rudrabhayananda guruye namostute namostute Sarveshwara swarupa ko koti koti pranam

Originally quoted by Parinirvana Swami Kriyananda

— Parinirvana Swami Kriyananda

International Intensive Workshop

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11/22/2010 - 09:00
11/29/2010 - 17:00

Join EJ Gold and a group of his international students for a transformational week of theatrical magic, astral travel, astral projection and more.

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Grass Valley, CA
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