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Mantra in Yoga

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Master Sarvari Namaskarm - Master CVV Namaskaram -

A mantra for employment

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I'm looking for a good tested mantra for getting employment.



Mantra for Transforming Body Identification into Consciousness Awareness

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I wrote this verse to be used in day-to-day situations, as we walk among the countless things in the world, to help make the shift to the non-dualistic paradigm.

Benefit of Mantra with listening with music.

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Om Shree Ganeshay Namaha

Mantra & Tantra

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-Master Sarvari Namaskaram-
-Master CVV Namaskaram-

Mantra works on power of sound.
Yoga works on power of Silence.

Ghost of Death

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This BLOG article contains some basic teachings from Ramakant Maharaj on the subject of 'death' as illusion. Meditation, Self enquiry, Self-knowledge and Self-Realization are all touched on here.

Mantra & Tantra - 2

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Let us suppose that the other worlds are in an order. They are formed according to their strength and their usefulness. In our Yogic language we name them Physical, astral, psychic, budhic.

Discover within............Love, Energy, Awareenss & Peace (LEAP).......Your Essential Nature

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Let us discover ...Love, Energy, Awareness and Peace within ...................Your essential nature

Either Awake or Get Prepared to Perish -Awakening is the Call of the Nature

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AWAKENING IS the call of present time, either we must awake or get prepared to perish and become yet another history of the past stating the failure of Mankind to win over the limitations of this ever

How to Realize Awareness

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"If you are unaware,
you are always seeking

And the nature of
that seeking is stress.

If you are aware,
there is only
the observation
of what is.

And the nature