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VERY True Spirituality

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I hereby announce the VERY True Spirituality movement.

All previous paths were false or at least only true. Mine is VERY true.

Mystery of Shiva

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MahaAnand is not the incarnation of mythological Shiva. He is the traditional successor of the real Shiva.

Before Aryans came, there was a famous Good like great sage in greater India.

December-2012, what should we do

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To get rescue from the Universal Destruction, please get shelter of MahaAnand. MahaAnand is the last incarnation of God of this age, who saves his dependents.

Come into contact with the God !

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‘He will come at the end of the iron age (Kali Yuga).’....Lastly the God has been incarnate!

Are you passing a very bad time?

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Are you passing a very bad time –suffering from misfortune?

Is there nothing to free from it?

Now leave all and get shelter of the MahaAnand.

Miracles in your reach!

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‘He will come at the end of the iron age (Kali Yuga).’

MahaDharma –the religion of Humanity

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A new religion has been introduced at the beginning of 21st century. Name of this religion is ‘MahaDharma’ and its religious doctrine is ‘MahaVad’.

MahaDharma --the way to better life

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To make a better world –to make our life blessed –to fulfill oneself, we have an excellent way (of better life) that is ‘MahaDharma’.


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MahaVad –the way of real life


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Now in this extreme critical time, only true-spiritual revolutionary movement can save us. Also a true- spiritual high-flow-tide is growing up behind the screen.