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I love you dad

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From my recent realizations I have finally been able to write this letter that sadly can never be sent, but at least it will be written.

Dear Father,

Yearning for the Guru

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After meeting my guru and being accepted and initiated as a disciple of all the things that happened one thing seemed to stay and grow: the yearning to be closer, to be recognized, to be received.

Have you ever been hugged by Ammachi?

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I've just seen an independent documentary about Ammachi, the hugging mother.

It looked quite impressive and strong.

Eternal Love

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Eternal Love

There is but One Love that I long for
There is but One Love everlasting
There is but One Love which awakens all beings
One Love,
Do you know This Love I speak of?

Enlightenment - In Sorrow and in Joy

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At the end of St. Therese of Lisieux's autobiography; The Story of a Soul, is this description of her passing:

Judgment Vs. Love & Acceptance

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By Pamela J. Wells

To Ego of No-go

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Preamble Ramble:

Personal Ego= Body identified cognitive functions operating as biological programs within the Bionuclear Field of the individual, this aspect of ego which feels and bleeds.

Love and pain

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Why God created love of ones to others? IS loving a person purely a wrong thing?

Why do we show our care and kindness and affection to a person whom we think they are our world?

Love is who we are and what we desire to do<deleted>

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Sorry this has been deleted

What wondrous love is this?

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