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The Finger Pointing at the Moon - Could it be Me?

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The image of the finger pointing at the moon is such a well known Zen image as to be almost cliché.

Light in the Darkness - Watching the Sunrise

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In medieval times, there was a wide spread belief that light was the purest form of God's power; his essence. This is reflected in the wonder of the stained glass windows of the great cathedrals.

Udisain Order

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Swami Keshavanandji was the originator of the path that Swami Shantanandji Maharaj called the Udisain Order.

my teacher rama madam only not jaya bachan

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yes eventugh many like rama madam exist only rama madam is great,yes i would wish she be given "dronacharya award" to government for all students liked her,she was an epitome of patience and true lo

Yearning for the Guru

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After meeting my guru and being accepted and initiated as a disciple of all the things that happened one thing seemed to stay and grow: the yearning to be closer, to be recognized, to be received.

To Love you need to get detached

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God is omnipotent....

Many gurus suggested that you need to love each and every minute creation of God as he is in it...

They also say!

I'm going to wait in the heart

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I'm going to wait in the heart.
With no expectations for anything.
Just to wait there.

No faith nor trust?
I'm going to wait in the heart.
With no expectations for anything.

The Gift

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The Gift ©

Love Matters

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It doesn't matter what I think, as long as it's with love.
It doesn't matter what I feel, as long as it's in love.
It doesn't matter where I am, as long as it's in love.

Human Love...has the most MIRACULOUS POWER....

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With advanced Yogic Practices...penetrating in Astral world, miraculous acts can be done....