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Addictions - Are you aware of yours?

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Have you ever asked yourself if you have any addictions?

Living Non-Duality

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One of my favorite photographs, is of a young monk meditating under the stairs of his monastery. It reminds me of my longing to be a monk, and my desire to "hide myself away".

Love - I was fooling myself

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For years I looked around and said, "If this is God's manifestation, I should be finding love. How cme I don't feel it?

A sadhana with Leonard Cohen in Tel Aviv

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I went 2 days ago to the concert of Leonard Cohen in Tel Aviv. It was in front of an audience of about 50,000 people - the biggest in this world tour.

Teaching with Love and Wisdom

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When I started high school I was looking for the lowest possible common denominator.

Soul Pieces

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Soul Pieces

Somehow within the clouds of disillusionment, I lost my way

Searching for the pieces of my soul that went away

Knocking on doors, glancing through windows

That Love

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That love has no rules
No rules whatsoever
Not moral, not bureaucrat
And not rules of the gender.

In times for the worse
And in times for the better
Awake or asleep
Always try to remember:

The Problem of God.

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In the Judaic/Christian Bible, within the Book of Genesis, is the statement about the creation of mankind: " So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female cr

MDMA,God and my departed Guru...

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Hello!Because Im not very computer savvy,I dont know how to transfer my blog entitled "Greetings fellow earthlings"to the forum,so just wanted to say,if anyone is interested in reading it,its my intro

yajna -Worship in Sacrifice

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"yajna: (Sanskrit) "Worship; sacrifice." One of the most central Hindu concepts--sacrifice and surrender through acts of worship, inner and outer.