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The Empty Vessel Catches the Rain - Non-Duality and Christian Contemplation

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True Christian Contemplation is often misrepresented, and to bring Non-Dual teachings into it would seem a precarious idea at least. Experience however, has shown otherwise.

Mr. Rogers, me, and remembering non-dual awareness

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"The child is in me still, and sometimes not so still"
- Fred Rogers

Love gives without expecting anything in return....

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The Love Vibration

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The Council tells us that the first step in spiritual development is an active love.

What is Love?

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It’s interesting, love.
I’m not sure I have ever really known what it means.
Does is sit in our minds, our brains, our hearts,
our spirits, our souls, our emotions, all of these?

Love without an Object - Non-Duality in Action

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While we can not "know" another's "enlightenment"
or their pain,

Sri Swami Sai Premananda's Message to the World

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Sri Swamiji’s Message to the World
By Sri Swami Sai Premananda (May 4th, 2007)

Dear world, listen to me please! Don’t be afraid to love.


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One of the things frequently missed by those who have moved their spiritual search from organized religion to non-dual inquiry are the regular celebrations and holy days.

Addictions - Are you aware of yours?

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Have you ever asked yourself if you have any addictions?

Krsna's Will: Accepting It In Devotion

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Krsna is pleased to accept our luxurious offerings, as well as our simple offerings, provided we offer them with equal love and devotion. Love is what captures His heart, not material riches.