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The Key to the Door

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For those who find the non-dual "path " has appeal, the danger of "dryness " often becomes an issue.

Celibacy, Chastity, and the Spiritual Life

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When I was an Anglican Monk, one of the curious things was how many people would perceive the idea of a monk.

Wish you all Happy Dipawali!!!

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Learning to love ourselves,self-sabotage and perfectionism...

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When people used to tell me I had to learn to love myself,I used to think it was a load of new age mumbo jumbo,but in recent years,have realised how vital,it actually is to develop a loving attitude a

Seeking Love only - And Getting Joyfully Lost!

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So many times you hear about the "seeker " actually "seeking " "something ". "Truth " is sought. "Enlightenment " is sought.

Jalaluddin Rumi

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Jalaluddin Rumi


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Divine Love is the Essence of Life. My Guru is RajagopalaChari and can not be found un this site. Srcm.org I meditate minimum two times everyday and Im also a painting artist.


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If there are no Limits except those we set ourselves.
No walls except those we builb, then there should be no Love that has not been given freely.

Difference Between: "Atma" "Mahatma" or "Parmatma"

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"Parmatma" or Parm + atma,means,"God" "Allha" "Rabb",
"Mahatma" or Maha + atma,means,Spritual Master,Guru,Saint...
"Atma" means sprit or soul,
MAHATMA is like a Ambessador betweem Parmatma & atma.

Adyashanti on Love

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"Love is a flame that burns everything other than itself. It is the destruction of all that is false and the fulfillment of all that is true....

True Love is far greater than anything that could be called personal. True Love is a non-personal miracle. It is the nature of reality itself. It is the natural and spontaneous expression of the undivided self......

Intuition of this degree of Love magnetically draws the individual toward it, and at the same time, causes fear to arise. This Love is seeking the dissolution of all separateness, all me-ness, all self concern.....

Love cares not for the me, it cares only for that which is true, undivided and whole.When the me dissolves, when it surrenders itself to a unity far greater than anything the mind can comprehend, that is Love.....

Non-personal Love is not a feeling, yet within it there can be, and there is, feeling and emotion. But the feeling and emotion are not derived from a personal me. The feeling and emotion are derived from the absence of a personal me.....

'There is profound responsibility in being Love,' ...more than the mind could imagine or hold up under. If most human beings truly realized the impact that they have on the whole, they'd be crushed by the realization of it."

— Adyashanti
"The Impact of Awakening"