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The Jewels in the Crown

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I must admit to you that this is one of my favorite pieces of information ever given by The Council in the more than 40 years that they have spoken to us.

Divine Love

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"The divine love that i am able to shine is a reflection of the divine that is within each of you.

Love and marriage

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A student asks a teacher, "What is love?"

The teacher said, "in order to answer your question, go to the wheat field and choose the biggest wheat and come back.


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Service to the Guru is exquisite love.

No U in Love

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Love is where you are not.


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Praise unto God

As I breath in and out,

my mind asks many questions,
how to get closer to God,
how to overcome my shyness and selfishness,
how the mind relates to infinity and to peace,

The Grace of the Guru

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Thousands of followers cannot create one ‘guru’, but one ‘guru’ can create thousands of followers. A ‘guru’ is a ‘guru’ even if he or she does not have a single follower.

What is Love?

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I suppose an easy way to describe Love would be to describe what it is not. This is how the Absolute is described, and I see Love and the Absolute as the same; our True Nature.


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Gonna turn upside down
Sway from side to side
Move and flow
With the changing tide
Gonna sing real loud
Free my caged in voice
Float like a cloud
explore and rejoice
Gonna choose to accept

A Love Poem to Jesus

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Nothingness, empty, I dare hold onto no thing.
The unspeakable has come upon us shall we rejoice dance and sing.

Infinite vastness without distribution, is this what we have sought.