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Who is the Teacher?

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There is no question that learning experiences, spiritual or otherwise, can come from anywhere.

Become passers-by.

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"Jesus said: Become passers-by."

-verse 42, The Gospel of Thomas.

The Unfolding of Love

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Recently I had the opportunity to observe the blooming of a Century Plant.Very interesting growth pattern. And the term "pattern" is a good one here, as this is exactly what I observed.


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Devotion is being that truth we know, however small that understanding may seem. Devotion is living our life in an increasingly consistent fidelity to that truth.

Where is the destiny ?

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I believe in karma, what you give, you get return but God gave us free will too, we can choose what we wanna give.


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Love is not love that is the result of our outward enjoyments, the physical enjoyments. Everybody repeats that he loves God, that he loves somebody, but how many really know what love is?

Little Life

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Living a little life
falling somewhere in between
the lines of what really matters

Living a little life
trying not to get in the way
of someone's trajectory

Little lifes

thinking out loud

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How can there be one truth about are exsistance when there are so many different kinds of people with different bodies and different minds, that either will or will not allow them to believe in someth

The Gift of Peace

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“Many people have asked me for the meaning of Peace and how Peace can be put into practise in daily life.

The Simplicity of the Little Child

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Studies of Spiritual or Religious beliefs, doctrines and practices can become very complicated.