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How deep is your love?

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How deep is your love?

That's the only question you should ask.

Not wisdom, not knowledge, not truth.

How deep is your love?

That's all that counts.

And the rest will follow.

Food demands more food

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Food that we digest is incorporated into our body, a body which is nothing but food.

And this food-body, in turn, demands more food.

Using the maya concept as an excuse

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Not to want to go to see where your beloved late guru, that you've never met, lived

and pay him a tribute

is like...

Not to want to have sex with that one that you love romantically

Eucharist - Non-Duality and the Circle of Love

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I remember a long-ago sermon heard one year on Good Friday in Lincoln Cathedral.

The Fear of Love

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We often hear about the play between Love and Fear. How one can't "see" the Love because it is "hidden" by fear. Or that True Love drives out all fear, and all the other clichés.

Spiritual Lovers

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The Revolution Grows
Yet nobody knows
But I and my Spiritual Lover.
With Innocence Breed
The Unthinkable Seed
When our Real Self We do uncover.

Family or friend
They cannot comprehend

Adyashanti - on being "stuck" in "emptiness".

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I came upon this quote from Adyashanti on this site. It is so similar to my teaching and some of my recent posts, that I wanted to include it here:

The Bhakti of Nisargadatta Maharaj

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"Sometimes I feel I am everything, I call that Love. Sometimes I feel I am nothing, I call that Wisdom. Between Love and Wisdom my life continuously flows."
- Nisargadatta Maharaj

rest within

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The rest which we all seek and continue daily to keep within our grasp is often the hardest to achieve.

god is (poem)

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god is music.
god is movies.
god is that random guy i just talked to for five minutes in line at the grocerie store.
god is homeless.
god is starving.
god is wealth and burden.