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Teacher – Master- Preacher- Mentor – Guru- is only one within

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Teacher, master, preacher are the words and labels given to a person who guides and passes on some information about any subject. Guru is a different word from all of them.


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I can not take credited for the words below but they do resonate in me.

We walk around so crippled sometimes, or just in a state of tension or unrest,


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You are this love,
everlasting and adored
Let’s walk
this peaceful walk

— Jane Monica Tvedt

Love and Kindness

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The more you love the more you'll find that life is good and friends are kind...

— Anonymous


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Is there a real hope in the eternal silence
of these infinite spaces of the universe?
Is there a reason the things to exist?
For us there is no birth cry,
there is no death fear,
for a dream's sake the abyss wake up,
wakes up to dream the light.
For a dream's sake!

— Alexis karpouzos