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How do Sankalpas fructify?

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Once you make a Sankalpa, keep thinking about it everyday with an unshakable conviction that it will fructify, but mentally offer the fruits of your Sankalpa at the Lotus Feet of the Divine Mother. Then they will not bind you in any way.

— His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda

Offer everything to god

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"Anything you reveal can never be a secret, but anything you keep to yourself can never be a secret to God. So, open your heart, offer all your problems at the Lotus Feet of God, unburden all your worries and gain freedom from all your troubles forever and ever. ”

— Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guru

Outer Has No Value!

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Wearing an impressive dress
Him none can impress.
Giving out a melodious speech
Him none can reach.
By taking out a procession
He cannot be in possession.
Though one has gained knowledge

Guru's Lotus Feet!

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Rama Rao Das asked,
“Who is secure in heaven?
Who is secure after controlling the eleven?
Who is secure even after conquering the seven?
Who is secure even after the mind becomes even?

The Truly Great!

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They are the great; truly they are the great;
On His lotus feet, who concentrate;
They are the great; only they are the great.
Though they are illiterate
Them I cannot rate


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A seat of guru is like a blossomed lotus, be there to witness, know, feel it and allow bud within to be exposed to it so that blossoming happen.

— Maitreya Rudrabhayaannda