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Jesus Christ

Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Jesu, Joshua, Isa, Jesus of Nazareth, ישו, ישוע
Religious Figure
Main Countries of Activity: 
Judæa and Galilee, Provinces of Roman Empire (nowadays Israel)
Date of Birth: 
6-2 BC/BCE
Place of Birth: 
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 
Date Left His/Her Body: 
30 AD/CE
Ancestor Gurus: 

No matter of what religion, colour or creed—to betake himself

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"Take hold of the hand of the Master, for without Him the way is full of untold dangers and difficulties. Never for a moment get separated from the Master and never place too much confidence in thy own valour or wisdom." -MAULANA RUMI,
"Meet the Master and get initiation from Him. Surrender thy body and mind to Him and invert within. Thou shalt find the path only through analysing the self." -GURU NANAK JI

— -Maulana Rumi Ji
-Guru Nanak Ji

"God" can only be Realized with the Help of:

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Devotees of the Lord made humility their ornament.

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Once Jesus while delivering sermons to his disciples said :
Who-so-ever shall humble himself as the little child,
the same is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven. (Matt. 18 : 4)
Then Peter came to him and said :
Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him ?
Till seven times ?
Jesus said unto him :
I say not unto thee until seven times,
but until seventy times seven.(Matt. 18 : 22)

— -Jesus christ,

Who is Known as the one of the most "Honurable" member of the site "Gurusfeet.com":

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Can Anyone Explain "Black Hole", Do "Black Holes" Give us any Example regarding Spirituality

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Can Anyone Explain "Black Hole", Can "Black Hole" Give us any Example or mystry regarding Spirituality,
"Please" it is a "HUMBLE REQUEST" to use simple & easy ENGLISH for Comments,

How "God" introduced "Lord" on this earth?

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How "God" introduced "Lord" on this earth?
What was or is the real need behind to give the information about "Lord" by "God" on this earth?

The State which demands something is not called Love

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Love is Love,
There are no demands in Love,
The State which demands something is no called Love,
Love is Starting,
Love is "The State",
Love is End,

Our soul is in essence a drop from the Ocean of the Lord.

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Guru Nanak says: "Whoever seeketh Him without, findeth Him not, and is engaged in a wild goose chase. He wasteth his time and cometh to grief"

Christ says: "The Kingdom of God is within you". "Seek thou the Lord there".

The Quran declares: "Allah is near your royal vein."

— -Guru Nanak
-Holy Quran

God Himself spoke through that human throat.

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"Chasm-i-oo-maste Khuda
Daste-oo daste Khuda.
Guftai-oo-guftai Allah bava d
Garche az halqum-i-Abdullah bavad"

ENGLISH: His eyes were intoxicated with love of God and His hand was one with that of God. He was mouthpiece of God and God Himself spoke through that human throat.

— Gernal