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When you feel the loneliest

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You feel the loneliest when an "I" of you evaporates.

But you don't understand this. You think that you feel so because there are no other people around.

Divinity drives out Boredom

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When Divinity enters our lives, three things are taken away from us – boredom, loneliness and aloofness. Nothing seems like work or drudgery anymore because the Spirit within is fully activated. So, we enjoy everything that we do and there is neither boredom nor pressure.

— His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda

Living with depression / sorrow / melancholia

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I find living in this material world a mammoth task-for a variety of reasons.Sometimes,I feel suicidal but have promised my spirit guides that I will stay alive as long as I have to,so I usually snap