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In real world there is no time and we all live and dwell in this without being aware and this is our sleep state. So to be part of this living real world all one needs to do is wake up.

In The Silence Of The Heart

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Once Mother Theresa was asked
what she said when she prayed.

She answered that
she didn’t say anything,
she listened.

When asked what God said to her,
she said that God didn’t say anything;
He listened back.

She added that if you didn’t understand,
she couldn’t explain it further.

God speaks in the silence of the heart.
Listening is the beginning of prayer.

— Mother Theresa

Just As It Is

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Learn to listen without distortion and learn to look without imagination.

— Jac O'Keeffe.

Sravana or Listening

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Authority denies freedom. Authority of a Guru, book or experience is detrimental to finding out first hand the actuality.

Prayer , Meditation ,Realization.

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When you speak and God listenes-its Prayer.
When you listens and God speaks-its Meditation.
When the speaker and listener disappear-its Realization.

— -Self