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Real Awakening.

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Real Awakening is all about dreaming really:

I'm always dreaming I'm awake
until I really wake-up
that tells me
that I'm really dreaming
about really waking-up.

GOD's Saga

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In the Beginning
there was nothing but Me, God, My-Self
so to entertain my-Self I created the Universe
out of the only thing there was, My-Self.

Bhagavad Gita

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Few pieces of literature have impressed mankind like the Bhagavad Gita.

Manipulating Numbers

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Just like words: numbers can be manipulated to do anything.
As a rule that academics/science needs to appear serious/important:

Recipe for Realization

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Recipe for Realization: “an original thought”
Realization, specifically Self-realization, is all about the Monism called Self, Spirit, Nonduality, Advaita.

the most dreaded destroyer of reality

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the most dreaded destroyer of reality
is not a drug, it is not a disease
it is not a nuclear holocaust
it is not even a world-ending cataclysm

Beyond Duality

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Beyond Duality 0
If you cannot get out of a duality
then you can always try to go beyond
and laugh to realize why
you could never get out of a duality.
-- O'no

Beyond Duality 1

The Serious Meaning of Life

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the first rule is a Black Hole
for all the other endless numbers of rules it seriously needs to appear serious.

life is an utterly mundane and meaningless boredom of seriously following rules

Vanishing Dualities

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There is no-choice:
The Observer must determine his/her observations.
The Observer (and NOT the words)
determines what words say.

There is no-choice:

Laughter: Supreme Comedy

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The Supreme Comedy is the ONE
that thoughts make NONE.

when Laughter manifests the worse curse imaginable: “losing-everything”
it is funny because by losing-everything