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there in one master,the Guiding spirit of all souls.Who constantly leads
his followers towards the light

Immortal Cricket Match!

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What is the use of playing a cricket match?
Listen to the Nath Yogi’s immortal cricket match.
To play this one requires no money
Nor does one require things any.


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How do you fill the abyss with light ?

Darkness Has Light

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The light not only shines outside, it shines inside and it shines within the darkness itself. Darkness has light.

— Tony Samara

Sparkle your light

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sparkle sparkle in my eye
that twinkles low and twinkles high
that twinkles here and twinkles there
that twinkles almost every where
thank you for your super shine
for lighting up desired signs

Be the Light

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'APPO DEEPO BHAVA' -- 'Be a light unto yourself.' Buddha

Immortal Football Game!

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Immortal game of football
Here Nath Yogi narrates to all.
Who understand his call
For them there is no fall.
To play this one needs no money
Nor does one require things any.

The Upanishadic Invocation

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Oh! Guru, please lead us from darkness to light!
Oh! Guru, please lead us from wrong to right!
Oh! Guru, please lead us from sight to divine sight!

Heart song

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And I entered into the rainbow canopy, and exited into one light......and found no difference, in the warble of my heart song, even in the shadows cast by night.....

Nothing could not be there.

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"Nothing could not be there so everything was light (the breath of God) and that light stretched out in infinity to all sides. Light can be broken in color.