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All misunderstandings...

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All misunderstandings are caused by differing assumptions. All misunderstandings can be healed by bringing to light these assumptions.

— unknown

the story of the floodlight and the flashlights

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I have heard from seekers of the past that we are part of god. That everything that makes up god is inside of us, but on a much smaller scale. I believe this with all of me to be true.


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The Teacher

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"He who is in search of a spiritual teacher
should first seek the light within himself...

If one cannot contact directly this inner light, then one must search for the outer light.

The lamp of illumination

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In the lamp of heart;
Put the oil of dispassion,
Insert the wick of devotion,
And kindle the light of knowledge,
By constant meditation;
The darkness of ignorance will be
Dispelled and you will be fully illumined.

— Swami Sivananda

Step Into The Light-Pt.1

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Sitting quietly by myself, contemplative, pensive, there’s a lot of stuff, that emerges from the depths of my soul.
Some positive, some negative.


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Immortality link

Here is a quite long piece read it through for a detailed examination of immortality http://www.rexresearch.com/alchemy3/gualdus.htm

Other links relevant


Happy Deepawali

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My best wishes to all of my dear soul on the auspicious day of Deepawli.
May God Bless you all with peace, love, health & wealth & Divinity........

'Eye' AM

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I AM "IS" here to assist you. Contact me if you like.

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The Way ...

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" It is RIGHT it is TRUE, IT is right in Front of YOU,

It, is NOT,Rough,Bumpy,Rushed or UnKind,

It's ALWAYS, Helping,Gentle and Bring's PEACE of MIND,

IT, Can be used by ANYONE,at ANY T.I.M.E.

It Can be used by Women and Men and even by the BLIND,

It is NEVER Wrong, It is Always RIGHT,

It is TRUE by DAY, It is TRUE by NIGHT,

It is FREE of PAY, It is The LIGHT,

IT is the WAY "

— Ace Banger, The Guru